What Are the Benefits of a Same Day Crown?

While visiting the dentist can be a scary experience for many, these visits are vital for the long-term health of your teeth. If you choose to neglect visiting the dentist, you could be left with a long list of painful dental problems. While visiting the dentist usually consists of cleanings and preventive care, there are instances where the dental professional might have to install a same-day crown. Not sure what a same-day crown is? In this post, we’ll discuss exactly what these crowns are used for and the benefits that they provide.

What is a Same-Day Crown?

There are a wide variety of instances where you might need a dental crown. From cavities to more extensive procedures like root canals, dental crowns are used to protect a tooth from bacteria and other dangers. A same-day crown works similar to a normal crown but it doesn’t require weeks of waiting for the new crown to arrive. These permanent crowns fit over your tooth and act as a “cap’ to protect the tooth from harm. Like the name states, a same-day crown can be inserted the day of the dental visit and takes only minutes to install. These crowns are made with strong material used to protect your tooth from food, drinks, and other things that can be damaging to your teeth.

What Are the Benefits?

While traditional permanent crowns are used to protect your tooth for many years to come, same-day crowns now act in a similar manner. While you might be used to waiting weeks for a new crown to arrive, dental technology has advanced to create these crowns in the office on the same day as your visit.

Take a look at the many benefits of same-day crowns:

No More Waiting

Typically, you usually have to wait multiple weeks for your permanent crown to arrive. In fact, the process can take over a month and you usually have to visit the dentist on multiple occasions. In order to speed up the process, same-day crowns are the perfect solution! Using advanced technology, these crowns are developed on the same day as your dental appointment.

Say Goodbye to Temporary Crowns

If you’ve received a dental crown in the past, chances are the dentist inserted a temporary crown. However, these crowns haven’t always been made with the strongest material, and going back for multiple appointments can be frustrating and time-consuming. With same-day crowns, you can get your dental work done and get your permanent crown in one simple dental visit! In addition, same-day crowns are made with strong material, so you can say goodbye to poorly constructed temporaries!

Strong Ceramic Material

While you may think that same-day crowns aren’t made with the strongest materials, think again! Same-day crowns are made with ceramic, which is one of the strongest materials around for dental purposes! Given that these crowns are meant to stay in your mouth for good, the material used must be strong to withstand the elements of everyday life. Furthermore, ceramic doesn’t irritate your gums like other traditional crowns do, and ceramic has many of the same properties that tooth enamel does.

Proper Fit

Another benefit of same-day crowns is that you’ll have an exact fit. While traditional temporary crowns are slightly adjusted before you leave the office, same-day crowns are made to fit inside your mouth perfectly. The technology used to create these crowns ensures a perfect fit each and every time.

Arvada Dental Center Can Help!

From same-day crowns to root canals and regular teeth cleanings, Arvada Dental Center is here for all of your dental care needs. We’re a family cosmetic and implant dentistry practice that offers our patients top-notch care from some of the leading dental professionals in the industry. Arvada Dental Center uses highly advanced technology to ensures professional treatment every time you step foot inside our office. Call us today to make an appointment!


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