Top Five Questions About IV sedation

Comprehensive and regular dental care is a must. Whether it’s twice annual check-ups or more extensive work, going to the dentist is essential. Unfortunately for some, dental visits can be quite anxiety inducing.

IV sedation, also known as conscious sedation, is ideal for patients who:

– Have had a traumatic dental experience in the past

– Have high anxiety or fear regarding dental visits

– Have an overactive gag reflex

– Don’t respond well to regular Novocain

– Fear needles

  1. What is IV sedation dentistry? IV sedation dentistry is an anxiety drug that is injected directly into the bloodstream through an IV. The medication takes effect almost immediately, and patients do not feel anything during the procedure. It is unlikely that patients will remember anything until the drugs wear off.
  1. How is it administered to patients? The medication is given to patients through an IV, usually in the arm. The IV does not hurt and takes effect almost immediately.
  1. Is IV sedation safe? Yes, IV sedation is 100% safe, when administered by a licensed provider. Be sure to consult with your dentist before the procedure, and make your dentist aware of all allergies that you have.
  1. Am I a candidate for IV sedation dental work? If you’re afraid of the dentist, have had bad experiences with dental work in the past, or want to be sedated for more extensive work, then you are probably a candidate. Talk to your dentist if you have an upcoming crown, bridge, implant, root canal or tooth extraction. IV sedation is not typically done for routine cleanings and checkups, though it is an option.
  1. How much does IV sedation cost? It may cost as much as $500, depending on the procedure and your dental benefit plan. If you want to know specific prices for you, call us at 303.720.7465.

IV sedation is a great option for patients of all ages. Be sure to ask Dr. Bennett about IV sedation at your next visit!


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