Tips for Making Sure Your Kids Have Healthy Teeth

Having healthy teeth can help ensure that your kids are able to eat and speak without trouble. Keeping their teeth in good condition also means they’ll have a lower risk of developing cavities and other dental problems. How can you make sure that your kids have healthy Teeth? Keep the following dental care tips in mind.

Start Brushing Early

Kids need regular brushing to keep their teeth from developing decay. Baby teeth and permanent need to be brushed on a regular basis to remove bacteria that can lead to plaque and tartar buildup. You should start brushing with an infant toothbrush when your kids begin getting their baby teeth. Even though these teeth eventually fall out, they can still end up with tooth decay. Brushing early also helps get your kids used to cleaning their teeth.

Build a Flossing Habit

Flossing goes along with brushing as a way to keep your kids’ teeth healthy. Your kids should be flossing their teeth every day to remove bits of food between them. This can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other common dental problems. Flossing can take time for kids to learn how to do it correctly. Showing your kids how to floss at an early age and continuing to do this as they get older can help them learn. You should help them get into the habit of flossing and brushing on a regular basis.

Make Brushing on the Go Convenient

If your family has a hectic schedule, remembering to brush can be difficult. Carrying travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste around while you and your kids are out and about can make this easier. Whether you’re running errands or attending after school activities, your kids can brush their teeth after having snacks or a meal while you’re away from home. This can help ensure that they get used to brushing their teeth regularly.

Encourage Healthy Eating

What your kids eat and drink can have a big impact on their teeth. Encourage a healthy diet that promotes strong and healthy teeth while also reducing the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems. Your kids should avoid eating sugary foods and drinking beverages that have a lot of sugar, since these increase the risk of tooth decay. Instead, they should eat a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk and other foods and beverages that help kids’ teeth stay healthy.

Increase Fluoride Use

Fluoride helps protect the enamel on your kid’s teeth. This enamel serves as a protective covering that helps keep bacteria from affecting teeth. Your kids might get fluoride treatments at their regular dental cleanings. You can also take steps at home to increase fluoride intake. In some areas, local water supplies are fluoridated. Drinking tap water can help kids get more fluoride for their teeth. If your tap water isn’t fluoridated, you can use kid-friendly toothpaste and mouthwash products that contain fluoride.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Your kids should have their teeth examined and cleaned twice a year or every six months. These dental visits include exams to check for any early signs of tooth decay or other dental problems so that they can be treated right away. During these visits, your kids will also have their teeth thoroughly cleaned, which helps eliminate plaque and tartar buildup and prevent decay. Bringing your kids to the dentist by their first birthday can help them become familiar with the dentist’s office and ease any anxiety they might have about these visits.

If your kids are due for dental exams and cleanings, please contact Arvada Dental Care to make an appointment.


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