The Connection Between Dentures and Bone Loss

Patients who are considering full dentures in Arvada, Colorado often schedule a visit with the team at Arvada Dental Center to discuss their options for restoring the smile’s function and appearance. But there is a common concern when it comes to traditional dentures, and that is bone resorption.

Understanding bone resorption

Bone resorption is the loss of bone sometimes caused by age, and for others, from tooth loss. When a tooth is extracted or lost, the jawbone in the area no longer needs to support a tooth. In this situation, patients will need to consider ways to maintain the bone in that area and avoid loss. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to use dental implants, even for patients who have lost or extracted all of the teeth in the dental arch.

How can I prevent bone loss?

Maintaining all your teeth in the smile will help keep the natural bone of the jaw. However, when patients are faced with loss or extraction of natural teeth, their smiles may gradually change with time due to bone resorption. This is especially true for patients who are denture wearers. During an evaluation with the team at Arvada Dental Center, patients can be evaluated with dental x-rays to determine if they are an appropriate candidate for implant-retained dentures. Patients should have sufficient bone for this procedure to be successful, and those who don’t can ask for a referral for bone grafting. Dental implants in Arvada, Colorado, when placed by a quality dentist, are the ideal option for maintaining bone over time, even after tooth loss.

How can dental implants reduce the risk of bone resorption?

Once a tooth is gone, the clock starts ticking and replacement should be considered as soon as possible. By placing dental implants, the dentist can essentially kickstart the growth of new bone through a process known as osseointegration. During osseointegration, the bone in the jaw is remodeled and maintained. Have you ever noticed a long-term denture wearer and the changing shape of their jaw? This is a common problem for patients who wear traditional dentures and can cause significant aging to the face. Instead, with dental implants holding a denture in place, patients not only restore their smile’s appearance and function but their overall oral health as well, ensuring the protection of the natural jawbone. Dental implants used along with dentures can also eliminate common issues such as keeping dentures in place, rubbing of the gum’s ridge, and the formation of sores and irritation that keep some patients from wearing their dentures at all.

What types of services may be recommended to a patient in Arvada, Colorado considering ways to maintain their natural jawbone?

At Arvada Dental Center, we are pleased to offer two solutions, including the All-on-4 and TeethXpress.

All-on-4 – the All-on-4 full arch implant bridge is a revolutionary, effective way of replacing missing teeth and maintaining proper function while also eliminating the risk of jawbone loss. This is a wonderful solution for patients considering full mouth restoration options.

TeethXpress – alternatively, our team also offers TeethXpress, which uses full mouth dental implants to restore the smile. Fully edentulous patients (who have lost their teeth) will find that TeethXpress can provide stability and strength while helping maintain bone.

Are you looking for a dentist near you that offers implant-retained dentures?

If dentures and bone loss are a concern for you, we invite you to contact our dentists in Arvada to discuss implant-retained dentures. Drs. Gregory Bennet and Andrew Timmerman of Arvada Dental Center are here to assist new and established patients with finding ways of maintaining their oral health, even when dental problems arise. The office is located at 5220 Wadsworth Bypass, Unit C, and accepts new patients who call (303) 720-7465 for an appointment.


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