The Benefits Of Dental Implants In Arvada CO

Benefits Of Dental Implants in Arvada CO

Missing teeth is not just a smile issue! If you avoid getting dental implants, your speech, chewing, and even bone health will experience adverse effects. However, here in Arvada, CO, Arvada Dental Center & Implants can fix that problem! Dentists will use artificial tooth roots, a dental implant, as a replacement option to bring back the natural functions of your previous teeth.

Firstly, dental implants stop you from losing bone mass and stimulate bone growth. It will also restore chewing and biting force, bringing back the sensations you had prior to tooth loss. Furthermore, dental implants save your face shape from changing as they replace the root. Also, these replacement options will match your natural teeth as well.

Benefits Of Dental Implants in Arvada CO

5 Benefits Of Dental Implants in Arvada CO

Stops Bone Mass Loss

When a tooth is lost, it leaves an empty void in your jawbone. As a result, it weakens your jaw bone and loses about 25% of its volume during the initial year. That is if the space has not been replaced by an implant. In fact, you start to lose bone mass over time.

While you may want to employ dentures, think again! Mainly because dentures worsen the bone loss by gradually rubbing it away. On the other hand, dental implants restore your natural bone growth because they replace both the tooth and root.

Restores Chewing Force

Dental implants get deeply rooted in your jawbone, unlike dentures that just float on gums. They restore almost the same chewing force and confidence in you as before – acting like natural tooth roots.

In fact, forget about the foods fumbling out of your mouth or even struggling to bite. Thanks to implants, you will be biting and chewing, enjoying daily pleasures effortlessly once again.

Prevents Face Shape From Changing

The teeth loss leads to unfortunate facial changes mainly due to the lack of surrounding tissue support. As a result, this may cause your appearance to seem a bit older – premature aging and losing the youthful glow in the process.

However, Arvada dentists employ dental implants as a unique solution because it mimics the natural tooth root. This helps maintain overall facial aesthetics and structure, preventing further bone mass loss – and promoting a better youthful appearance.

No More Cavities

Another exciting benefit of dental implants is that they would not decay – thanks to their material! Whereas with artificial teeth, patients still need to worry about extra mouth care to stop bacteria build-ups and infections.

However, with dental implants, say goodbye to decaying – no more cavities for you!

Same As Natural Teeth

Dental implants offer a decent range of sizes and shapes, which allows a precise fitting and replicating of your natural teeth. With this option, your smile will look and function the way it’s meant to – you may even forget you lost dentition!

Expert dentists at Arvada Smiles create custom restorations that seamlessly match the shade and color of your natural teeth.


Are dental implants easy to care for?

Yes, all you need to do is brush regularly, floss, and maintain routine dental checkups to keep your implants in top condition.

Are dental implants a permanent solution?

As long as you maintain good dental care, dental implants can become a permanent solution.


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