The Scoop on Same-Day Crowns

Getting a crown placed can be inconvenient, time-consuming and even intimidating. At most dental offices, the crown procedure is completed in two dental visits and about 7-10 days is needed to create the crown based on an impression of the tooth .

While this process is effective, it’s also a bit tiresome and outdated. In today’s fast-paced environment, it can be difficult to make two separate dental appointments and wait a week to get your smile completely restored. Thankfully, dental technology and professionals strive to offer more progressive solutions that help the people that matter most: the patients.

Here at Arvada Dental Center, we are proud to provide crowns within one single dental appointment. The key to same-day crowns is Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. We are able to use this advanced technology to speed up the crown-making process. Instead of taking an impression, we use technology to take a very specific photograph of your tooth. This photograph is then transformed into a three-dimensional model of your tooth. That gives our doctors all that they need to create your permanent crown.

Ever heard of a 3-D printer? This is similar. The 3-dimensional model creates a perfect ceramic crown that can be fixed onto your tooth within minutes!

Completing a crown in one visit will save you both time and money. Call us at 303.720.7465 and we’ll get you in and out, and smiling in no time!


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