Safest Neighborhoods to live in Arvada CO

Safest Neighborhoods to live in Arvada CO

Arvada is a desirable suburb located just northwest of Denver, Colorado. With a population of around 120,000 residents, it offers a balanced mix of urban amenities with easy access to the outdoors and Rocky Mountain recreation. One of the biggest draws for those looking to move to Arvada is the city’s reputation for safety.

According to FBI crime data and other sources analyzing public safety metrics, Arvada ranks very highly for low levels of violent and property crime compared to other cities of its size. It routinely appears on “safest city” lists for both Colorado and the United States as a whole. This makes Arvada an attractive option for families with children as well as retirees seeking a secure community to call home.

So what are the specific neighborhoods in Arvada that stand out as being the safest and most ideal places to live? Based on crime rates, community reviews, affordability, and amenities, these are some of the top areas to consider:

Ralston Valley

The Ralston Valley neighborhood in northern Arvada gets high marks across the board. It has some of the lowest crime rates in the city with virtually no reports of violent crime. The suburban area features numerous park spaces, trails, and quality public schools. Home prices are on the higher side but very reasonable compared to similar neighborhoods closer to downtown Denver.


One of Arvada’s newest master-planned communities, Candelas has developed a reputation as one of the safest neighborhoods. Located in northwest Arvada, it offers a tranquil environment with abundant green spaces and incredible Rocky Mountain views. Amenities include community pools, parks, trails, and a town center. Crime rates are extremely low.


For those looking for a more established neighborhood with ample trees and green spaces, Countryside fits the bill. This leafy suburban enclave in central Arvada ranks very high in family-friendliness with great schools and park areas. It has a low crime rate and is known for its community spirit with frequent events and gatherings.

West Woods

West of downtown Arvada, the upscale neighborhood of West Woods offers that peaceful suburban refuge while still being just a short drive from the city’s amenities. Crime rates are very low and West Woods Elementary has a stellar reputation, making this a top choice for families. The neighborhood features winding roads, mature trees, and scenic trails.

Olde Town Arvada

Technically not its own neighborhood but still worth a mention, the area around Olde Town Arvada offers a charming, walkable environment with shops, restaurants, and community events. Crime rates are low and residents can take advantage of the RTD transit lines to easily access downtown Denver. The tree-lined streets and historic homes give it a quaint small-town ambiance.

No matter which neighborhood in Arvada you choose, residents can take comfort in knowing the city has a very strong public safety presence and commitment to low crime rates. The Arvada Police Department has over 200 sworn officers patrolling the various districts around the clock. The RAID (Regional Anti-Violence Enforcement) program and other initiatives also help curb issues like drug crimes, gangs, and other illegal activities.

With its combination of safety, affordable housing options, great schools, recreational opportunities and easy access to Denver, it’s no wonder Arvada frequently appears on “best places to live” lists for the state of Colorado and the entire United States. Families, working professionals, retirees and others are drawn to its secure, welcoming environment with a true sense of community. Learn more about The Best Middle Schools in Arvada 

Driving Direction


Arvada consistently maintains very low crime rates compared to other cities of its size. In recent years, it has ranked among the 10 safest cities in Colorado and the top 50 safest cities in the United States according to analyses by organizations like SafeWise and Neighborhood Scout.

The Candelas neighborhood in northwest Arvada reports the fewest incidents of crime each year. As a newer master-planned community, it was designed with public safety as a top priority through elements like ample lighting, neighborhood watch programs, and a strong police presence.

While some areas like Ralston Valley and West Woods tend to be on the higher end, Arvada does offer quite a few affordable neighborhood options as well. The median home price is around $500,000, which is lower than many other suburbs closer to downtown Denver. Neighborhoods like Olde Town and Countryside provide attractive, family-friendly environments at reasonable costs.

The safest areas in Arvada are replete with amenities that enhance livability. This includes things like community parks, playgrounds, hiking/biking trails, pools, recreation centers, quality public schools, and thriving retail/dining areas. Neighborhoods like Candelas and Ralston Valley were planned with ample community spaces and amenities in mind.

Arvada has prioritized public safety through robust law enforcement efforts and community policing initiatives. It has over 200 sworn officers and participates in regional enforcement programs targeting gangs, drugs, and violent crime. Neighborhood watch groups, security patrols, and environmental design principles also help deter criminal activity.