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Orthophos SL 3D® Scanner

Arvada Dental Center has incorporated the latest digital dental technology, the Orthophos SL 3D® all-in-one imaging unit. This means we can now produce a razor-sharp, high-contrast panoramic X-ray image of exceptional quality. Your teeth never looked so good!

Why is this imaging important? It allows your dental team to make the most reliable diagnoses with the ultimate certainty, develop a targeted treatment plan specific to you and help you clearly see the what’s going on and how best to care for your teeth.

The imaging unit includes the incredible DSC technology, which is what helps to make the image so clear. To see the difference between an image with and without this technology, visit www.sirona3d.com/orthophos-sl-3d.

Beyond that, in HD mode, the device generates 500 instead of 200 individual images, which are then used to create the X-ray image. This allows for a faster and more reliable diagnosis of the imaged volume.

SL stands for “Sharp Laser.” On each X-ray image, the entire jaw is automatically shown in the sharp layer, taking the patient’s individual anatomical features into account.

This technology offers a variety of innovative treatment solutions. Along with 3-dimensional, panoramic imaging, it is designed to comply with the needs of modern surgical dentistry as well as a multitude of diagnostic requirements. Dr. Bennett and his team have a comprehensive, crystal-clear view on dental issues and therefore access to a variety of innovative treatment solutions.

Patients also appreciate the soothing ambient light, which offers a choice of over 30 colors for a pleasant atmosphere. Plus, it’s comfortable for you. The device automatically adapts the panoramic curve to your individual anatomical features, ensuring that the entire jaw is always in the sharp layer. This means positioning you for your X-ray is quick and efficient.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 12.44.19 PM

What’s even better is that the technology offers the safety of 3D images at the dose level of 2D X-rays. That means less radiation!

Dr. Bennett and his skilled team utilize this technology in a variety of services, including:

  • Guided implant surgery
  • Precision implant surgery
  • TMJ analysis
  • Third molar extractions
  • Root canals

Additionally, the Orthophos SL 3D® scanner works in conjunction with our CEREC machine to do guided surgery in just 45-minutes!

Source: DENTSPLY Sirona; Products; 2D/3D hybrid X-ray unit Orthophos SL 3D®

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