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Convenient On-site Oral Surgery

Have you scoured Google for an oral surgeon near you to remove wisdom teeth, only to give up due to crippling fear? We’re here to help you overcome your dental anxiety by keeping you comfortable and providing excellent care, so you don’t have to struggle with impacted, decaying, or missing teeth any longer. With our expert dentist, you can relax during your treatment, stop feeling self-conscious and live a better quality of life. The best part is that you don’t have to go to countless offices to get the dental treatment you need. Dr. Bennett utilizes advanced technology to ensure minimally invasive and efficient oral surgery in Arvada, CO.  Our team will remain at your side to help you conquer dental fears. Receive the high-end dental treatment you’ve been searching for and discover your new smile!

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How Sedation Helps Eases Anxiety Oral Surgery Anxiety

We understand that the thought of oral surgery causes stress and worry for many patients. You may fear dentists due to past traumatic experiences, or you may just dread feeling judged due to the condition of your teeth. Your concerns are normal! No matter the cause of your dental fears, we guarantee a judgment-free environment where you feel welcome and safe. Dr. Bennett is trained in the latest techniques to keep your surgery minimally invasive. He is also board certified to provide IV sedation to keep you relaxed and calm. Not all dentists offer comprehensive dentistry at this level, but we are committed to your comfort, convenience, and oral health! We offer a variety of sedative care options and take extra measures at Arvada Dental Center to ensure an excellent experience.

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Comprehensive Oral Surgery Procedures

Wisdom teeth often emerge unexpectedly, and for some, they cause significant jaw pain and problems with surrounding teeth. With reasonable rates and dental financing options, we can remove wisdom teeth to get rid of your pain and prevent damage to your other teeth. This procedure is more complex than a normal extraction. So, you want to choose an experienced dentist who offers affordable wisdom tooth extractions and expert sedative care like Bennett. It takes a few hours to remove wisdom teeth, but rest assured we’ll ensure your comfort for the entirety of your procedure!

When a canine gets stuck beneath the soft tissue and bone, this is referred to as impaction. Teeth may not emerge due to dental crowding or irregular growth of teeth or soft tissue. Dr. Bennett has years of experience performing extractions on impacted canines and wisdom teeth. Our dental team understands how painful tooth impactions can be. We’re here to remove wisdom teeth and canines eliminating the source of your pain.

Bone grafting requires the skill of a knowledgeable dentist or specialist. The procedure involves replacing bone in the jaw. Over time, you may experience bone loss due to missing teeth or aging. To support dentures or full mouth dental implants, you may need to undergo bone grafting. This procedure involves taking bone from the patient or a donor source and placing it at the site of bone resorption. Once the sutures are in place, the area is allowed to heal for a few months to let the bone grafting material integrate with the

You may require a sinus lift to make room for your dental implant if you have suffered bone loss at the back of your jawbone. Since Dr. Bennett has years of experience as a dental implant specialist, he has performed numerous sinus lifts as a preliminary treatment for full mouth reconstructions. Our team has the knowledge and skill to provide successful results.

Ensure Your Comfort with Expert Sedative Care.

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