One-Year Anniversary

Wow, is it hard to believe that Arvada Dental Center is about to celebrate their one-year anniversary at their new location? ADC moved to their new location at: 5220 Wadsworth Bypass, Unit C in Arvada on May 23rd, 2014. Through the course of the last year we have been able to meet over 685 new patients. It has been an incredible opportunity to meet you and your families. First and foremost, we want to take the time to say, Thank You!

We also want to ask you, since your first few visits have you been back to see us? It is recommended that you see your dental hygienist for your professional dental cleanings at least two times per year. If you are amongst the near 50% of adult population that has a periodontal condition you are advised to see your dental hygienist three to four times per year.

If you are sitting around pondering how fast the last year has went by, please take a moment to recall the date of your last visit. If you haven’t been to our new location and you want to remain a patient of record, you are definitely due to see our new state of the art facility. While visiting our new location you may also see some new faces. Growth with all of our wonderful new patients has also lead to growth with our staff members.

Dr. Arnold has been practicing for the last fourteen years. We have also added a fourth dental hygienist to our team, Miss Megan Lecander. Megan will celebrate her one year anniversary with ADC in August.

With these additional team members we have ample opportunity to accommodate you and your dental needs. If you haven’t seen us in a while, or if you have questions about your dental benefits in 2015 we will be happy to assist. Contact one of your knowledgeable front desk specialists and they will get your next appointment scheduled. They can also verify your dental benefits or help guide you in selecting a dental plan that will be best for you and your family.

Written By: Heather, RDH


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