Laser Dentistry – What is it and is it the Right Choice for You?

Technology is constantly changing the world of dentistry for the better. One way that is happening is through the rise of laser dentistry. This new technology is allowing dentists to use far less invasive procedures to address common dental problems, creating fewer risks, less discomfort, and greater accuracy, and improved patient satisfaction in the process. While this technology has existed for 25 years, recent advances have made it an even more effective tool for modern dental practices to employ.

How is Laser Dentistry Used?

Throughout its use as a tool for dental technology, laser dentistry in Arvada has been used in a variety of ways, including the following:

Treat root canal infections.
Speed up tooth whitening processes.
Remove inflamed gum tissues.
Treat gum disease.
Manage gum tissue when performing other procedures.
Perform oral biopsies.
Expose wisdom teeth that are partially erupted.

The fact that lasers are time tested and constantly improving means we’re only just beginning to unlock the full potential of lasers as a treatment aid in modern dentistry.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many potential benefits to patients who experience laser dentistry. Chief among them are the following:

Lower risks.
Reduced healing times.
Fewer side effects or symptoms.
More precise treatment areas.
Less stress in the dental treatment process.
Reduced need for anesthesia.
Ultimately, lasers offer a much more comfortable and relaxing dental office experience for patients at all levels of care.

Waterlase iPlus Dentistry

Arvada Dental Center offers Waterlase Dentistry to its dental patients. This innovative technology combines the power of water spray with the precision and efficiency of lasers to perform a variety of procedures on gums, teeth, and bones. This technology is extremely beneficial in the following procedures and more:

Filling cavities.
Shaping gums.
Preventing gum recession.
Treating periodontal disease.
Removing bacteria from between teeth and on the gums.
Relieving cold sore pain.

That’s in addition to the benefits of allowing procedures to proceed with less reliance on anesthetics and much speedier appointments so patients can get back to their regularly scheduled activities much faster.

Waterlase allows patients to experience less pain and swelling from their dental procedures as well by creating precisely targeted treatment areas, using gentle cutting actions, and promoting coagulation to reduce bleeding.

This type of treatment is ideal for dental patients who are disturbed by the sounds of drills and nervous about the process altogether.

Technology has changed the world of dentistry for the better and laser technology is constantly evolving to create further changes and benefits. Forward looking dental practices are quick to embrace new technology that can enhance their patients’ lives and reach out to patients that might otherwise avoid seeking dental services.

Arvada Dental Center takes great pride in offering cutting edge technology to our patients. Contact us today to learn more about our laser treatments and the Waterlase iPlus Dentistry system, including how it can help you accomplish more from your dental procedures with less pain and smaller recovery windows.


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