Laser Gum Therapy in Arvada, CO

Experience the amazing benefits of LANAP® Laser Therapy at Arvada Dental Center & Implants, Arvada, CO.

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LANAP Benefits

Experience Lanap Laser Periodontal Therapy in Arvada. LANAP is a regenerative technique which helps save your teeth —a superior, comfortable solution for gum disease. By utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, this treatment effectively removes bacteria and infected tissue. Enjoy reduced pocket depths, controlled bleeding gums, and enhanced oral aesthetics—all without incisions or sutures.


Safeguard your oral health

Ward off gum disease, and preserve a radiant smile for the long term. Ensure your gums stay in excellent condition, promoting overall oral well-being and lasting confidence.


Renew your absent teeth

Using lifelike dental implants, intricately designed to seamlessly harmonize with your genuine smile, enriching both appearance and performance.


Embrace lasting results

At Arvada Dental Center & Implants we deliver enduring and resilient treatments to patients, guaranteeing both long-term durability and satisfaction while maintaining optimal oral health.

Advantages of LANAP® Versus Traditional Gum Surgery

In the past, traditional surgery stood as the primary recourse for addressing moderate to severe periodontal disease. In this procedure, a skilled dentist in Denver would surgically intervene by cutting the gums near the teeth, peeling them back, meticulously cleaning the root surface, recontouring the bone, and skillfully suturing the gums back into their natural position.

While traditional surgery remains effective, it comes with inherent drawbacks—pain, discomfort, and an extended recovery period. Furthermore, this approach may inadvertently result in teeth appearing larger and exposing the sensitive surfaces of the roots. Enter LANAP, a cutting-edge and minimally invasive solution to periodontal disease treatment, providing a more comfortable alternative. Notably, LANAP ensures a swifter recovery, making it an appealing choice for gum disease treatment in Denver Metro and Arvada, CO.

How Laser Gum Surgery Works

Laser Dentistry In Arvada, CO

During the procedure, Dr. Bennett directs the LANAP® short-duration laser to deliver light pulses to the patient’s infected gum tissue. The laser energy reaches inside the pockets created around the affected teeth. The laser safely destroys the bacteria that cause gum disease and tartar buildup, which is the hardened plaque that allows harmful bacteria to breed.

What to Expect From a LANAP® Consultation

Before undergoing LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery, the patient should expect to have a consultation at our dental office in Arvada. During this visit, we will discuss the patient’s medical history and current dental condition. We may also take X-rays of the teeth and gums to identify any areas of infection or decay. After a thorough examination, we will be able to determine if laser gum surgery is an appropriate treatment for gum disease.

During the consultation, our dentist will explain all aspects of the LANAP® procedure and what to expect from it. We will discuss how long the treatment takes and how much pain medication is needed during recovery periods. We will also provide information on post-procedure care instructions such as proper oral hygiene habits and deep cleaning at home with antiseptic rinses or special toothbrushes.

The doctor will then explain how laser surgery works by using a laser fiber to remove infected tissue from around the natural teeth as well as reduce periodontal pockets below the gum line. This fiber is then used to shape bone structure for better support of natural teeth and create ideal conditions for healing time. In some cases, osseous surgery may be necessary along with LANAP® in order to achieve optimal results for treating gum disease.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Before undergoing a LANAP® gum procedure, patients should prepare for the treatment. The dentist should first evaluate the patient to ensure a good fit for the procedure. During the evaluation, the doctor will closely examine diseased tissue and other signs of periodontal disease. This will help determine if the patient has severe gum recession or needs more than just the LANAP® laser gum procedure.

In addition, patients should discuss their medical history and any medications they are taking with their dentist so the doctor can safely perform the LANAP® procedure. You should also inform your dentist if you have dental anxiety or fear of invasive procedures so that they can take extra care in providing minimal pain during the entire process.

Your dentist may also give you specific instructions on preparing for your LANAP® appointment such as avoiding certain foods prior to the visit and brushing more frequently than usual to reduce plaque buildup on teeth surfaces. With careful preparation and a thorough evaluation, patients will receive high-quality care from an experienced professional who understands their individual needs.

The Steps of the Procedure

The steps of the LANAP® laser periodontal therapy are relatively straightforward. First, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive oral exam to assess the severity of your gum disease and determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. The provider will use digital X-rays to understand the extent of bone loss and measure pocket depths.

If the dentist thinks you are a good fit for the procedure, they will apply a local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable during the entire process. The dentist will then insert the LANAP® laser into the pockets created around affected teeth to safely destroy bacteria and tartar buildup, which is hardened plaque that allows harmful bacteria to breed.

Recovering From the LANAP® Procedure

Dr. Bennett will clearly explain a number of post-operative instructions to LANAP® laser periodontal therapy patients. He will prescribe special rinses and medications and ask patients to limit their physical activity for several hours after a LANAP® treatment.

Although LANAP® typically causes minimal to no pain or discomfort, patients must take three 800 mg Advil or Motrin three times daily for the first 72 hours following treatment. This is important even if they do not feel any pain.

Regarding diet, patients should consume liquids only during the 72-hour period right after the procedure. Dr. Bennett will recommend a soft diet for the 3 to 7 days after surgery and encourage soft yet nutrient-rich foods like cottage cheese, eggs, and yogurt. Patients should avoid spicy foods.

For about a week after LANAP®, patients should be careful when chewing food in the treated areas of the mouth. If patients notice any blood clots, they should not disturb them so they don’t dislodge.

Dr. Bennett will warn patients that they may notice color changes after laser therapy. If the gum tissues are gray, yellow, red, blue, or purple, patients shouldn’t be concerned. This is a normal side effect of laser periodontal therapy.

If patients follow Dr. Bennett’s instructions and keep their mouths as clean as possible, they’ll heal safely and efficiently and enjoy healthy gums for years to come.

What Are The Advantages Of The BLAST Implant Placement Protocol?​

The BLAST protocol offers multiple advantages for dental health, such as:

  • Stimulating the mouth’s natural growth factors, leading to quicker healing and recovery.
  • Enhanced production of collagen.
  • Decreased swelling in the gums around the dental implant.
  • Enhanced bonding between the implant and the bone (osseointegration).
  • Decrease in detrimental oral bacteria.
  • Enhanced patient comfort due to the gentle and soothing application of low-level laser energy.
  • Increased effectiveness in combating periodontal pathogens.
  • Reduced reliance on antibacterial mouthwashes and rinses, which can interfere with the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions About LANAP®

The cost of LANAP® varies depending on the extent and severity of your periodontal disease. In general, a single session can range anywhere from $800 to $1,500. However, if you require multiple treatments to achieve optimal results, the total cost could be higher.
The recovery time following a LANAP® laser procedure can depend on the extent of your gum disease and how your body responds to the treatment. Generally speaking, most patients experience minimal discomfort during recovery and can get back to their normal routine in just a few days.
In addition to LANAP®, those suffering from gum disease have several other treatment options. These include traditional surgical treatments such as flap surgery or bone grafting as well as non-surgical procedures like scaling, root planning, and antimicrobial therapy. Your dentist or periodontist can help you decide which option is best suited for your individual needs.

Dental lasers such as LANAP® are safe when they are used by a highly trained and experienced periodontist like Dr. Bennett. During a LANAP® procedure, you can expect to wear protective glasses to ensure optimal safety for your sensitive eyes.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of LANAP® is the fact that it offers far less pain and discomfort than traditional surgery. There are no cuts and sutures involved and patients typically experience minimal to no pain during a LANAP® treatment. Local anesthetic is used to further improve patient comfort.
LANAP® involves the use of the PerioLase® MVP-7™laser, which is the only laser that is approved by the FDA and has extensive research supporting its claims for gum disease treatment. Additionally, this laser is very selective in the tissues it affects.

The LAPIP protocol, available at our dental office in Arvada,CO, is a leading-edge treatment for peri-implantitis provided by our skilled Lapip Dentist in Denver Metro. This advanced procedure, similar to LANAP Treatment, focuses on saving and stabilizing failing implants. Utilizing the latest technology, including LANAP Treatment in Arvada, CO, our periodontal disease dentist in Denver metro is dedicated to offering effective Gum Disease Treatment in Arvada and all of Denver Metro Area communities.

The LAPIP protocol, specifically designed for failing implants treatment in Arvada, CO, offers a minimally invasive and targeted approach. This ensures a comfortable experience while promoting rapid healing and the regeneration of healthy gum tissue and bone. Trust our dental office in Arvada for comprehensive peri-implantitis care and LANAP Treatment in Denver Metro Area.

If you are a smoker, you may still be a candidate for LANAP®. However, healing may be impaired and the results may not be as successful. Dr. Bennett can educate you on several smoking cessation programs so you can enjoy the very best results and improve your overall health.

LANAP® is a fairly quick procedure that requires two 2-hour sessions rather than four 1-hour sessions and multiple follow-ups that traditional surgery requires. Since it doesn’t involve any cutting of the gums, you won’t have to worry about significant bleeding, stitches, or infections after the procedure.
If you are a busy parent or working professional, you don’t have to worry about LANAP® disrupting your lifestyle. After the procedure, the majority of patients return their regular activities the next day. Any discomfort can be managed with an over-the-counter pain medication. Your diet will need to change for the first week following the procedure, but otherwise, normal activities can be resumed.

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