How to Get Crowns in Just One Dentist Visit With CEREC

If you’re suffering from the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of a damaged tooth, you want (and deserve!) a solution immediately. Yet the traditional dental crown procedure requires at least two dentist appointments spread over one to two weeks.

Slow technology shouldn’t stop you from getting the same day restoration you need. That’s exactly why Dr. Bennett offers CEREC® crowns in one single visit at Arvada Dental Center. Here’s everything you need to know to take advantage of the CEREC technology and get dental crowns in just one trip to the dentist.

What is a Dental Crown?

dental crown is a specially designed “cap” that mimics the exact size and structure of your tooth. It’s used to cover a damaged tooth and restore the tooth’s shape, size, strength, and appearance.

Like so many other dental solutions, crowns are available in many different materials, including metal, resin, and ceramic. Each material offers unique benefits.

Some patients prefer metal crowns since they’re strong and long-lasting. However, due to their unsightly appearance, mental crowns are usually reserved for out-of-sight molars. Resin crowns tooth-colored and affordable, but they don’t offer the durability of metal crowns.

This leaves one alternative that offers a win-win for all patients: ceramic crowns.

Signs You Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns serve a very important restorative purpose by reinforcing and protecting damaged teeth. If you can relate to any of the following problems, a crown may be the best solution to prevent future complications:

  • Cover a tooth after a root canal
  • Restore unattractive teeth
  • Reinforce a tooth with a large filling
  • Protect a weak tooth from future damage

Placing an extra layer of protection and support over vulnerable teeth is important. Dental crowns offer an effective way to maintain your healthy smile and keep all of your teeth intact.

The Traditional Multi-Step Dental Crown Procedure

The traditional dental crown process requires two separate office visits. During the first appointment, your dentist takes impressions of the affected tooth. These impressions are sent to a separate lab for the creation of your permanent crown. You also receive a temporary crown during this first appointment. This temporary crown protects your tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

Your next appointment isn’t scheduled until your final crown is manufactured and ready for placement.  The permanent crown is affixed to your tooth with a strong adhesive to keep it firmly in place.

CEREC crowns revolutionize this traditional method with cutting edge technology. It completes the entire dental crown procedure in just one office visit!

What Are CEREC Crowns?

Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) crowns serve the same purpose as traditional crowns: to repair and restore damaged or weakened teeth. The difference occurs in how CEREC crowns achieve that goal.

The CEREC procedure uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to perform the entire dental crown process in one office appointment. Here’s what the process looks like when you receive a CEREC crown at Dr. Bennetts Arvada, CO office:

  • An intraoral scanner takes pictures of your teeth to create a digital impression
  • The impression is sent to the CAD/CAM software machine that creates a digital tooth restoration
  • The tooth restoration is sent to the CEREC milling machine that mills the new crown from a block of ceramic in less than 15 minutes
  • Dr. Bennett polishes, prepares, and places the crown onto your affected tooth

This process is far more simple and efficient than the normal process of taking messy impressions and waiting for a separate lab to return the final crown for placement.

The Top Benefits of CEREC Crowns

CEREC same day dental crowns offer unique benefits that aren’t available through the traditional dental crown process.

First, CEREC same day dental crowns are quicker than ever before! Your tooth can be restored in as little as one hour. There’s no need for pesky temporary restorations or follow-up appointments.

Second, CEREC technology guarantees that your crown fits precisely to your tooth. This preserves as much of your natural enamel as possible, with less pain and tenderness after your appointment.

Of course, CEREC crowns are attractive and blend right in with your teeth, so nobody will even know that you have a crown at all. You can apply a CEREC crown to any tooth. This includes teeth that are highly visible, all without any aesthetic concerns.

Overall, CEREC same day dental crowns create beautiful and customized restorations that last decades. Gone are the days of taking messy impressions and dealing with temporary restorations before your final crown fitting.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Bennett and his experienced team at Arvada Dental Center in the Denver Metro area. Dr. Bennett always provides personalized world-class dental services to patients in Arvada, CO and beyond.


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