How does the Waterlase device work?

Finding a dentist in ArvadaColorado is easy, but finding one that makes the most out of today’s advanced dental technologies is a little harder! The team at Arvada Dental is pleased to utilize modern modalities to help diagnose and treat certain dental conditions. Individuals interested in a dental visit that doesn’t include the unpleasant sound of the dentist’s drill will want to connect with our dentists to find out more about a reliable, efficient tool such as the Waterlase dental laser.

How does the Waterlase dental laser work?

Drs. Gregory Bennett and Andrew Timmerman of Arvada Dental are experienced and skilled in using the Waterlase dental laser treatment for many soft and hard tissue procedures. This patented technology combines water spray with YSGG laser energy in a process known as HydroPhotonics to provide comfortable, reliable treatment of the teeth, gum tissue, and bone. Because of the way the Waterlase system was designed, patients can undergo treatments with less anesthesia, fewer shots, and less trauma to the surrounding structures of the tooth. Patients will find that the treatment does not have the same sound as a dentist’s drill, which can also ease anxieties for patients who struggle with the sights and sounds of a dental practice.

What can the Waterlase dental laser do?

The Waterlase dental laser has many benefits that make it a highly desirable treatment for individuals. It is a versatile instrument used for a wide range of hard tissue and soft tissue treatments in the dental chair. This versatility makes it a wise investment in the practice for the care of patients. Drs. Gregory Bennett and Andrew Timmerman encourage patients to consider the advantages of working with a dentist who continues to improve the quality of services provided for general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Some of the procedures that are performed with our Waterlase device include:

  • Cavity preparation
  • Tooth decay removal
  • Root canal therapy
  • Smile design
  • Bone procedures
  • Gum surgeries

What are the benefits of using the Waterlase dental laser system for patients?

There are many reasons why the team at Arvada Dental has invested in the Waterlase device for use in the practice. This treatment:

  • Ensures patient comfort by reducing or eliminating anesthetics and numbing shots
  • Has been cleared by the FDA in 1998 for many dental procedures
  • Eliminates the use of a noisy dentist’s drill
  • Reduces bleeding and post-operative pain and swelling
  • Is conservative, leaving as much healthy tissue and tooth structure as possible during treatments
  • Reduces trauma as it does not cause hairline fractures and cracks in the treated teeth
  • Improves the bond of resin fillings for longer-lasting cavity treatments
  • Uses a gentle cutting action and coagulation to perform conservative treatments without swelling and bleeding
  • Allows patients to attend few dental visits to complete routine dental procedures
  • Is highly versatile, allowing it to be utilized for the treatment of various dental conditions
  • Eliminates numb lips and mouth following standard dental procedures performed
  • Uses today’s unique technology to provide precision treatment for new and current patients
  • Is a highly desirable way to address a variety of dental concerns for the patients who visit Arvada Dental!

Is your dentist using Waterlase? If not, it’s time to contact the team at Arvada Dental!

If you live in the area of Arvada, Colorado and want to speak to our team about your options for dental treatments, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 5220 Wadsworth Bypass, Unit C. We are open to new and current patients who call for a visit at (303) 720-7465.


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