Going to the Dentist is Now a Breeze. Really.

It’s as though I swallowed a liter of concrete. My insides are cold and tight. My hands are not only sweaty and freezing, they are trembling. I can no longer hear or see straight, the fear is so gripping. And my dental appointment isn’t even actually happening until next week. I’ll probably just cancel and not reschedule…

People talk about fear of going to the dentist, but they have no idea how bad it is for me.

Sound like you?

Forget what you know about traditional methods of quelling fear of going to the dentist, like weak old nitrous oxide or dumb, distracting televisions shows. Now there’s a real solution for those of us who are literally petrified of the dentist.

Enter intravenous sedation, or IV sedation. My dentist is specially trained in it, and it has changed my life. I was totally awake throughout my dental appointment, but had virtually no pain or discomfort. It was 100% safe. More than all of that, I didn’t feel any of the nervousness or anxiety that usually consumes me at my dental appointment!

I did, of course, have to have someone drive me home, but it was worth it.

IV sedation is also called conscious sedation. It is best for patients who:

Have had a traumatic dental experience in the past
Have high anxiety or fear regarding dental visits
Have a strong gag reflex
Have difficulty getting numb
Have a phobia of needles
Have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems and cannot open their mouths for very long periods of time
Have very sensitive teeth
Dislike the sounds and smells of the dental office
Would like to accomplish a significant amount of dental work in one appointment
Wish to experience the ultimate comfort in the dental setting
Descriptive about IV sedation for your next dental appointment.


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