Full guide to the best High schools in Arvada CO

Full guide to the best High schools in Arvada CO

Arvada is a vibrant suburb located just northwest of Denver. With a population around 120,000, it offers a thriving downtown area with local shops, restaurants, and breweries, as well as ample parks, trails, and outdoor recreation opportunities. Arvada strikes a nice balance by providing a small-town community feel while still offering big-city amenities.

Full guide to the best High schools in Arvada CO

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Families are drawn to Arvada for its safe neighborhoods, quality schools, and easy access to the Denver metro area. The city boasts an ideal location, growing economy, and fantastic amenities that make it one of the most livable suburbs in the region. Arvada allows residents to enjoy the best of Colorado living.

Top-Rated High Schools in Arvada, Colorado

For families looking to move to the Arvada area or for current residents preparing for their children to start high school, finding the right fit is crucial. Arvada is part of the Jeffco Public Schools district, which is one of the largest school districts in Colorado with several excellent high school options to choose from. Here’s an in-depth guide to some of the highest rated high schools in Arvada.

Ralston Valley High School

Consistently ranked as one of the best high schools in Colorado, Ralston Valley should be at the top of any family’s list. With an exceptional graduation rate of 95%, it outperforms state averages across the board. Ralston Valley offers an incredibly wide range of AP and honors courses, allowing students to get a head start on college credits. The school also features award-winning music and arts programs. Sports are also a huge focus, with state championship teams in numerous boys and girls athletics.

Arvada West High School

This high-achieving high school has a graduation rate of 93% and scored far above average in math, reading, and science testing. Arvada West is an excellently well-rounded school with top-tier academics, enriching arts programs, competitive athletic teams, and a variety of unique electives and clubs. One thing that makes Arvada West shine is its diverse course offerings like aviation classes, business & marketing courses, and even construction programs. The school is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, providing motivated students with a rigorous global curriculum.

Pomona High School

As an award-winning high school, Pomona is lauded for its impressive academics but also its wide variety of extracurricular activities and athletics. Over 90% of Pomona students continue on to college, and the school offers the IB program for advanced students. Key areas of focus include business, STEM courses, and arts/music. Beyond academics, students can get involved in nationally-ranked speech & debate, theater, music, robotics, and over 80 clubs. This friendly and spirited school environment also fields competitive teams across numerous sports.

Arvada High School

The original high school in this area, Arvada High has been educating students since 1888. While it doesn’t always rank as highly as some other area high schools, it offers smaller class sizes and a close-knit community feel. Students can get individual attention while still participating in honors and AP courses, college prep programs, clubs, arts, and athletics. Arvada High provides a quality education along with ample opportunities for involvement.

Warren Tech High School

For students seeking technical training or career-focused education, Warren Tech offers a wide array of programs. Areas of focus include construction, manufacturing, automotive, commercial arts, health sciences, and more. Students can earn certifications and college credits while gaining hands-on vocational experience. While not a traditional high school atmosphere, Warren Tech provides exceptional career prep along with core academics. Many graduates move directly into well-paying technical careers.

There are certainly many other quality high school options in the broader Denver metro area and Jeffco district, but these exemplary schools in Arvada itself allow students to receive an exceptional education while being part of an engaged and thriving local community. The variety of academic focuses, extracurricular opportunities, and overall cultures across these leading high schools ensures families can find the ideal fit for their children’s interests and goals. Learn more about Sports and Rec Around Arvada CO

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FAQ –  Arvada CO

  • What is the highest ranked high school in Arvada?
    Ralston Valley High School is consistently ranked as the top high school in Arvada and one of the best in Colorado. It has an exceptional 95% graduation rate and offers a wide array of AP, honors, and enrichment courses and programs.
  • Are there any International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Arvada?
    Yes, both Arvada West High School and Pomona High School are authorized IB World Schools offering the prestigious IB Diploma Programme curriculum.
  • Which Arvada high school has the best arts and music programs?
    Ralston Valley High School is particularly renowned for its award-winning music, theater, and arts offerings. However, Pomona High School also has excellent fine and performing arts focuses.
  • Are there good vocational training options at the high school level in Arvada?
    Warren Tech is a career and technical education high school that allows students to earn certifications and college credits in areas like construction, manufacturing, health sciences, and more while still completing core academics.
  • How do athletics programs compare across the Arvada high schools?
    Most of the Arvada high schools field very competitive teams across a variety of sports. Ralston Valley, Arvada West, and Pomona in particular have numerous state championship athletic teams and individual athletes.


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