Five Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are never pleasant but are sometimes necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your jaw. At Arvada Dental Center, we never extract unless it is absolutely required. If it’s your permanent tooth, then saving the tooth is our first priority and, when that can’t be realized, a tooth extraction may be your second best option. One of our specialists will always inform you of the health of your teeth, and if a tooth extraction is recommended, we will explain why so you are well-informed about it. If you think you may need a tooth extraction, read below to see if any may apply, and the contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Reasons Why a Tooth May Need to be Extracted

There are many reasons why a tooth may need extracted. If it is a temporary tooth, then the matter is really one of little consequence. If, however, it is a permanent tooth, then your dentist will discuss with you the specific reason why he or she recommends extractions and what the next step will be.

Here, we provide an overview of the most common reasons patients often require a tooth extraction.

Periodontal Disease
Gingivitis is the first sign of periodontal disease. Gingivitis is an infection of the gums, but this infection can move into other structures of the mouth, including the periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone. Periodontal disease, if untreated, can cause more serious problems. The bacteria that causes periodontal disease can get into the bloodstream, and when it does, it can eventually lead to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
When teeth decay, the tooth may undergo irreparable harm. This damage can allow space for bacteria to infect the pulp and cause an infection. A root canal may be an option in such circumstances, but if it cannot treat the infection properly, a tooth extraction may be your only option even if it is the last resort.
Overcrowded teeth can cause a misshapen bite, which can be unattractive and embarrassing as much as it can be damaging. To solve either of the latter situations, your dentist may advise a tooth extraction. Other times, your orthodontist may advise a tooth extraction for overcrowded teeth when you will undergo treatment, and in order for the treatment to be effective, more room must be available to allow the teeth to realign as the orthodontist intends them to do.
Impacted Teeth
Impacted teeth are those teeth that have not yet come out due to some kind of blockage. Most often it is the gums that have not yet fully erupted, and as such, blocks the tooth. A good example of an impacted tooth is a wisdom tooth that never materializes. When a tooth is impacted, it can cause damage, overcrowding, or infection to other teeth. To prevent damage, overcrowding, or infection to teeth, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.
Damage Beyond Repair
Sometimes there may have never been anything wrong with your tooth or teeth in the first place, but then an accident happens. Maybe you were in an auto accident, a pedestrian accident, a truck accident, or otherwise damaged your jaw or teeth, and when an accident like any of the latter happens, a damaged tooth may be beyond preserving.
Ways a Tooth is Extracted

Once it is determined a tooth needs to be extracted, your dentist will let you know how it will be done, and there are really two basic ways:

Simple extraction, which means only a local anesthetic is used to numb the area
Surgical extraction, which means you may require general anesthesia, especially since this method is used mostly when the tooth is impacted or otherwise not easily accessible.
Against, at Arvada Dental Center, our first priority is saving your tooth, but if it can’t be done, our skilled team will provide optimal services to extract the tooth safely and rebuild the integrity of your jaw. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your teeth and to learn more about tooth extraction.


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