Fear of the Dentist? Here’s Why Sedation Dentistry May Be Right for You

Going to the dentist is a fear for many people of all ages — not just children! Whether your distress was caused by a bad experience years ago or simply an unreasoning fear that simply can’t be explained, sedation dentistry in Arvada may be the solution that allows you to get the care you need without the mental trauma. Premier sedation dentistry practices provide a relaxing, stress-free environment for your visit while still allowing your dentist and hygienist to treat you as needed. See how this innovative new solution can help you overcome your fear of the dentist so you can retain optimal oral health.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

When some people hear the term “sedation dentistry”, it might bring to mind the type of sedation that is used during major surgery. Perhaps a more accurate term would be “relaxation dentistry”, as you’re usually not asleep during your dental visit — just extremely relaxed! There are several levels of medical sedation that can be utilized based on your unique situation and procedure:

Light sedation, where are you fully awake but quite relaxed. This type of sedation may be referred to as “laughing gas”.
With moderate sedation, you are still conscious but may feel quite floaty and slur your words a bit.
Patients who are nearly unconscious are considered under deep sedation.
General anesthesia is the term used for patients that are completely unconscious. This type of sedation is administered through an IV needle and requires expert medical supervision.

Simple procedures such as a bi-annual cleaning may call for light sedation while more intrusive dental surgeries are more likely to require deep sedation or even general anesthesia.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are people that live with ongoing pain from their teeth and gums, simply because of their phobia of going to the dentist. It’s not unusual for the pain of their toothache to far surpass the discomfort of the dental procedure that they’ve been avoiding! Sedation dentistry helps overcome this mental block so people can get the help that they desperately need. Sedation dentistry is also a boon if you have difficulty getting numb, even after several shots of painkiller. This can also help you overcome a strong gag reflex, that can make it difficult for your dental care provider to reach far enough into your mouth to perform necessary procedures. Dentists are able to work more quickly and efficiently with patients who are under low-grade anesthesia, as patients are much more still and less likely to require frequent stops by the dentist.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Your dentist or dental technician will help you understand whether sedation dentistry is right for you. Once they understand your history, any concerns and the type of procedures that you will need, you will be able to make an informed decision about your sedation. Generally, a simple cleaning only requires light sedation while more intensive procedures may require additional help to relax you before your dentist takes over. Dentists tend to prefer the lightest possible form of sedation for your procedure and needs to minimize the risk to your health. A final key benefit of sedation dentistry is the slight blurring of your time in the dental chair that happens from the sedation. If you have nightmares about the sound of the drill while you’re having a cavity filled, the light sedation you’ll receive can help erase those memories from your mind.

While sedation dentistry may not be right for every individual and every instance, many people benefit greatly from working with a trusted sedation dentistry provider. See why patients in Colorado trust Arvada Dental Center with their care when you call 303-720-7465 to speak with a friendly professional today. The team at Arvada Dental Center specializes in sedation dentistry and can help you better understand your options for care. Schedule your appointment online anytime!


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