Dental Implant Financing In Denver Metro: Your Path To A Confident Smile

Are you looking for the best financing plans for dental implants in Denver? 

If that’s the case, you’re in luck! At Arvada Dental Care, we offer top-quality dental services that are both affordable and designed to help you proudly display a confident smile.

Speaking of smiles, how can we go without mentioning the benefits of dental implants?

Dental Implants: Why Opt for Them?

Let’s make one thing clear: Dental implants are not just artificial teeth, but they are a bridge to your journey of self-confidence, love, and comfort.

Now imagine being able to eat and enjoy your food without much difficulty and worry, smile and laugh out with friends without having to cover your mouth, and speak confidently without an ounce of insecurity. 

A wish that patiently awaits its fulfillment for many!

Dental implants can make these small experiences real for you. Apart from that, Dental Implants are a much more durable option than dentures, often lasting a lifetime if managed with great care. 

Dental Implants: The Composition

While we acknowledge that traditional choices like fixed bridges and dentures do an excellent job of replacing missing teeth, dental implants step even closer to recreating the authentic look, feel, and function of your natural smile.

Dental implants have three components, mimicking the natural composition and feel of real teeth:

  • a zirconium or titanium post
  • an abutment
  • a restoration

These implants are safely secured in your jaw, quickly filling the gaps between your teeth and gifting you with a gorgeous smile. However, it’s worth mentioning that this whole process requires precision, skilled dentists, and advanced surgical equipment and technology to achieve the best possible results from the treatment and ensure its success in the long run. 

Hence, it makes sense why dental implants are referred to as the “gold standard” for providing tooth restoration solutions. 

However, with durability, standard, and quality procedures, there also comes the large number on the bill that would cost a kidney to most. But surely, there will be factors that will affect the numbers on your bill after your dental procedures. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Implants

Your dental implant expenses can vary on several factors, such as:

1. The Number of Implants

The more the number of teeth you need to replace, the higher the cost of the procedure will go.

2. The Type of Restoration

Various types of restoration procedures, including fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, root canals, single or multiple dental bridges, and supported or full-arch dentures, will apply different charges.

And, of course, the more complicated the procedure is, the more expensive it will be!

3. Other Procedures

Sometimes, getting one procedure done is not an option for most people, as they may require additional procedures like bone grafting or sinus lifts. 

Therefore, the overall price would be much more costly compared to a simple implantation process.

4. Skilled Dentists And Advanced Equipment Use

It’s common for dentists and dental practices that require advanced surgical technology and boast extensive experience to charge an additional fee for the procedure. This approach is, however, reasonable, considering their expertise and the utilization of cutting-edge techniques.

Dental Implant Finance Options in Denver Metro For You

At Arvada Dental Care, you can have access to quality dental implant procedures with the following finance options:

1. Cash, Check, or Credit Card Payments

Making payments via cash, check, and/or credit cards is the most common or feasible method. Therefore, you can always clear your payments using the aforementioned methods at Arvada Dental Care.

2. Proceed Finance

Proceed finance offers no-collateral loans up to $60,000 with flexible terms of up to 96 months at fair prices. That being said, they offer financing options specifically designed to cover the expenses of more complex and expensive dental procedures, including dental implants. 

Additionally, they offer flexible and affordable payment options to patients seeking expensive dental procedures, with no prepayment penalties, to ensure the patients have access to the care needed without facing financial constraints. Therefore, proceed finance is the best and most affordable option if you’re looking for low monthly payments. 

If you want to look for more information about the application process, visit or call 844-272-7587.

3. CareCredit

CareCredits, the best-known healthcare-specific credit card, is accepted widely amongst various healthcare providers, including dental offices, medical practices, veterinary clinics, etc. 

With that being said, it’s specifically designed to help patients manage the costs of expensive dental procedures that health insurance might not cover entirely. With their quick application process and flexible monthly financing plans, patients can pay the amount for treatments over time. 

For further information, visit or call 1-800-677-0718.

4. LendingClub

LendingClub, a peer-to-peer borrower platform, can help patients in need of money by providing financial support to cover the cost of the procedure. 

If you’re considering dental implants but facing financial problems, LendingClub’s online platform allows you to apply for a personal loan that can be explicitly used for dental implant expenses. This provides a way to access the funds needed for the procedure without paying the entire amount upfront.

Check out or call 888-596-3157 for more information about LendingClub. 

Embrace a Confident Smile: Affordable Dental Implants at Arvada 

How long do you plan to hide your smile behind the palm of your hand? 

Or, how long do you plan on giving a tight-lipped smile? 

Do you ever wonder if getting your teeth fixed for a better smile and improved chewing might add just a touch more confidence to your days?

If yes, then your next step might be searching for an affordable dentistry option that won’t leave you with a big dent in your bank account. 

And here’s when Arvada Dental Center comes into the frame! With dental implant services in Denver, we offer affordable financing plans for dental implants starting from $124.99/month. 

We believe smiling should be a happy gesture and not a reflection of your insecurity. Yet, we also recognize that the expense of dental care can pose a financial worry for many people. Fortunately, Arvada Dental Center is committed to providing the best dental implants in Denver and a range of dental financing options to stand by your side and make the financial aspect of dental implants a little less daunting for you.

So, what are you waiting for? 


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