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Same-Day Crowns

Arvada Dental Center is proud to have incorporated into our practice the latest technology in tooth restoration. This equipment utilizes advanced CEREC technology to make

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Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

FAQ’s about Dental Implants Cosmetic dentistry, specifically dental implants, is one of the signature services offered at Arvada Dental Center because we believe that aesthetically

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Fluoride Treatments

You have most likely been asked whether or not you want a fluoride treatment after your hygiene appointment at Arvada Dental Center. You may be

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One-Year Anniversary

Wow, is it hard to believe that Arvada Dental Center is about to celebrate their one-year anniversary at their new location? ADC moved to their new location at: 5220 Wadsworth

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Decoding Dental Insurance

Understanding dental insurance can be a tedious process and differs greatly from medical insurance.  In this issue hopefully we can highlight some of the most

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“The most common infectious disease known to mankind is dental caries (cavities).Cavities are formed when oral bacteria convert dietary sugars into acid that will weaken

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