2 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Smile

Despite everything you’ve tried, you’re simply not happy with your teeth. You have spend a lot of time, money and discomfort trying to make them healthy, but it’s been a losing battle.

Maybe you have been trapped in an endless cycle of root canals, bridge work, crowns – hours and hours of sitting in the dental chair treating the same teeth over and over, and not getting the results that you want.

Or you may have even considered having the dentist extract the teeth you have and resorting to dentures. But you’re afraid if you do that, there will be no way back to teeth that feel naturally like they are your own.

That may have been true before, but not anymore. You have several options for improving your smile. Here are the facts on two of those options:

  1. All-on-4®Dental Implants:
  • Crafted in the United States with precision technology and craftsmanship
  • Function just like a full set of dentures without the worry of the teeth slipping and sliding
  • Allow for regular and comfortable oral functionality and care
  • A cost-effective approach to replacing a full-arch
  • Shortens the amount of time from start to finish over other implant methods


  1. Implants
  • Can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all the teeth
  • Look and feel like your own teeth
  • Are permanent, unlike dentures
  • Do not require reducing other teeth
  • Allow you to eat all the foods that you would with natural teeth
  • Last a lifetime


The smile transformation is often a life transformation. Patients who transform their smiles often go on to advance in their careers, start new relationships and make other positive life-changing choices for themselves and their loved ones. They try things they never would have before having their beautiful smiles restored.


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